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Where Family and Education Meet

Online Program

Our school offers an online educational option allowing a student to work from anywhere, anytime. At the K-5 level, students receive physical materials in addition to online content. For middle to high school students, the Online Program offers engaging curriculum with honors and AP level classes including numerous technology and world language options. Unique to our school is a two course/8 week learning period. Our credentialed teachers provide academic support, instructional lessons online, and monthly social opportunities. 

Homeschool Program

Each student is provided instructional funds, Tk-8 = $2800 and 9-12 = $3200, to use towards curriculum, supplies, books, materials, equipment, services and much more. In return for receiving state funds, students are required to verify that the funds are used for appropriate educational activities and supplies. Students must also take state standardized tests. As an independent homeschool program, Valiant Prep will partner with you to make this journey enjoyable.