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Vendors Overview

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Our program offers the opportunity to participate as a vendor and serve homeschool students with educational resources, supplies, and services.

A Materials Vendor is a business that provides curriculum, books, and supplies. These vendors are listed with (P) for products. Most Materials Vendors are available throughout California. A Materials Orders (MO) is requested by the family and verified with the EC.

A Service Vendor is a person or facility that provides numerous academic classes in core subjects like math, science, writing, or enrichment such as tutoring, art/music lessons, physical education classes and other similar instruction.  These vendors are listed with (S) for services. Most Service Vendors are only available in specific regions. A Service Order (SO) is requested by the family and verified by the EC.

Vendors are added weekly when approved. If you are interested in being a vendor, please complete our vendor application.

Our vendor number is: (855) 687-6249 Ext. 735.