Testimonials - Valiant Prep

Great communication with our EC and easy use of funds. Easy and convenient as I get to choose the education materials and activities that best fits for my children.
-Amy J.
We were a bit hesitant to come over from our other charter however, it was the best decision I have ever made. Being a homeschool mom for 12 years I can say with absolute certainty that this is the BEST charter we have ever been with!
-Beth A.
Best decision we ever made was switching from our old Charter! Valiant has been helpful, responsive, and always there to help with whatever my family needs. I love the flexibility that they offer and all the wonderful vendors. They have the best ordering system and we receive our orders lightening fast! Best decision we ever made was switching to Valiant.
-Maureen F.
Love, Love, Love Valiant. Their ideas about homeschooling plus there moto of Families Come First, is so true. Without going into detail, they have combined the best of homeschooling with the accountability of using a charter school, all while keeping it simple and most of all stress free. They remembered that us parents are busy 27 out of 24 hours a day, we don't need the extra hogwash. So blessed to be a part of the Valiant Family.
-Dana A.
Very helpful EC ! Everything is just so easy to understand & everyone is so helpful !
-Michelle A.
I love Valiant Prep. They are all about parent choice and flexibility.
-Jennifer L.
Once you have an idea what education you want to give your kids- Valiant Prep Homeschool program is a perfect choice.I like Valiant Prep , I couldn't even imagine I could get my kid's school funds in such nice amount and spend on textbooks and workbooks, classes ,field trips and activities.
-Tamara R.
Having tried 4 charters with my own homeschooled children, as well as being a teacher with multiple charters, I have found that Valiant Prep is truly the best of the best. The administrators and staff are so kind, professional, and talented. 75% of the staff are homeschoolers, including all of the admins. As a teacher with Valiant now, it has been the best school I have ever worked for. Both as a teacher and a parent with Valiant students, the systems they have custom built are so organized, clear, and glitch-free. I am a huge fan of Valiant!!
-Cheyenne C.
Everything was handled smoothly even thought we had a problem in the beginning. Very excited to start this journey
-Jennifer G.
Amazingly awesome, we love our reps too!!
-Sherry P.
Very helpful EC ! Everything is just so easy to understand & everyone is so helpful!
-Michelle A.