Student Activities - Valiant Prep

Like traditional schools, our school hosts a number of online meetings, special events, guest speakers, as well as online and in person field trips.

Students will gather at designated venues including museums, parks, and zoos to interact with one another, learn more about a specific aspect of the field trip and have fun.

Some highlights (and our list grows) include physical field trips to:

  • Balboa Park
  • Old Town Historic Walking Tour
  • Buena Vista Museum of Natural History and Science
  • Children’s Museum
  • The Broad

Online field trips allow students across the area to join online to learn more about a specific subject area, engage with expert presenters and teachers and get to know students in other teachers’ classrooms. It’s a convenient way to connect with no limits on where a virtual field trip can explore!
Some of our more recent virtual field trips include:

  • Tour of Japan
  • Exploring the Universe via a student’s webcam

We also partner with a sister school, Vanguard Leadership Academy, which offers additional events and activities which are available to our students.