Enrollment FAQ’s - Valiant Prep

Do I have to pay anything to enroll?

No. Since Valiant Prep is a public school, there is no tuition associated with enrollment. The teachers host many field trips and any cost associated with extracurricular activities such as this would be the responsibility of the parent.

What grades are offered by the school?

Valiant Prep offers a variety of courses in grades TK-12th.

My child really likes books and materials. Does the school supply those?

Yes! Our elementary students receive boxes of books, manipulatives, and materials needed for success. Our middle and high school students receive the needed materials depending on course selection but typically, middle and high school students work in online courses.

What subjects will my child take?

Our elementary school children take very traditional courses with some great elective course options depending on the program. The majority of our students in middle and high school take 2 courses at a time for fully supported intense mastery.

Will my student have a California-credentialed teacher?

Yes, all of our teachers and many of our other staff members have credentials in California with years of experience.

Do you provide curriculum for Special Education students?

Depending on your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP), we can tailor the curriculum to your child’s needs and goals. We have California credentialed teachers to assist you.

Can you accommodate accelerated learners or students identified as gifted?

The very nature of an online program can allow for acceleration. Our individualized approach allows teachers to assess students to find their challenge point in the elementary grades. Our students in middle and high school can take an accelerated approach with counselor permission. We also offer a great variety of electives, honors, and AP courses to challenge students and prepare them for higher education.

How do I get started?

Upon enrollment approval and complete submission of enrollment documentation, you are enrolled in our school as a full time student and should not be enrolled in any other program. Within 48 hours, you will speak with an Orientation Specialist to assist you with any questions and support you for a successful start. Once comfortable with all aspects of the program, your Educational Coach will guide you through your homeschooling journey. They will do this by meeting with you monthly either in person or virtually, providing advice on curriculum and vendors, and helping you to meet your educational goals.