Valiant Academy of Los Angeles - Valiant Prep


Who We Are

We are highly qualified and credentialed teachers who work with our elementary, middle and high school students to review lessons and assessments and to guide and support students and learning coaches through the program. Teachers, parents, and students meet on a regular basis in person and online to evaluate progress and provide additional enhancement learning opportunities.

Students in high school work closely with mentor teachers and subject-specific teachers. The role of the learning coach, in many cases a parent or guardian, changes to be an enthusiastic and supporter for your child’s academic success.

Our school offers two distinct enrollment opportunities: Homeschool Program or Online Program.

How We Do It

Valiant Academy of Los Angeles is a tuition-free online public school that uses the cutting-edge 21st-century curriculum, which can be accessed online and through a variety of traditional methods. Instructional materials are delivered both online and directly to families and include books, CD’s, and materials.

Our Homeschool Program option allows for families to utilize instructional funds for use with a large and varied number of vendors.


The mission of Valiant Academy of Los Angeles is to prepare children in grades TK-12 for the global society in an educational environment that is academically rigorous and accountable. The school encourages its students to become knowledgeable, self-motivated, critically thinking people who respect, understand and can communicate with people from cultures different from their own.