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How it Works

Young high school girl on computer

Valiant Prep is an online public school offering instructional materials and online content which can be accessed online and through a variety of traditional methods.

Instructional materials delivered online and directly to families.

Highly qualified and credentialed teachers work with students and provide instructional sessions and review lessons and assessments. Teachers guide and support students through the program. Teachers, parents, and students meet online to evaluate progress and provide additional enhancement learning opportunities.

Student-to-student and peer interaction is emphasized through our regularly scheduled field trips, excursions, and fieldwork.

Students at the middle and high school level are offered two courses in an 8 week learning period. The school provides an extensive course catalog of courses including technology, Advanced Placement, electives, and world languages.  Students enjoy a flexible learning experience, tailored to their goals, abilities and post high school academic plan.

Enrolling in Valiant Prep’s Online Program has numerous benefits, which include:

  • Outstanding, individualized curriculum that supports each student’s unique learning needs
  • Credentialed teacher support beginning at the earliest grades
  • Four levels of courses in math, English, science, and history
  • A wide selection of course electives
  • Extracurricular events and activities
  • Hundreds of course selections
  • Academic support