Summer F.A.Q. - Valiant Prep

Valiant Preparatory Track A Summer Program

The summer months are a time where students have the opportunity to continue their learning to better prepare for the following school year. Valiant Prep’s Track A Summer Program allows families the opportunity to bridge the gap between the end of the traditional school year and the beginning of the following one by providing families with a total of $500 in funding per enrolled student to spend during our Track A Summer Program. These educational funds can be used toward curriculum, classes, workshops, and lessons through any of our thousands of vendors. Students will be assigned to a fully credentialed highly qualified teacher, known in our program as an “Educational Coach” (“EC”), who will meet with families during the summer to guide student learning, provide academic support and ensure the experience with the Track A Summer Program is a valuable one.

Who can enroll in Valiant Track A?: If your student is in grades TK-12 for the fall 2019 school year, and is not enrolled in a program during these months at any other public or private school.

Are there specific rules for high school students?: Yes. All high school students must be enrolled in the summer months to earn credits. A minimum of 5 credits for the summer months is required. If you are a student that is not being homeschooled during the regular school year, you are required to take your high school course/courses online. If you choose to take P.E. for course credit, you must also select another course to take simultaneously.

Are Work Samples Required?: Families are required to turn in one work sample per subject per month during Track A. Families will meet with their Educational Coach during these months, either in-person or virtually, to discuss student progress.

What About PE Logs?: PE logs are not required during the summer, though we encourage your students to stay active during the summer months. If you choose to submit a P.E. Log to your coach, you will still be required to submit an academic sample as well.

Will I receive funding to purchase curriculum and services?: Yes, the educational funds may be used on any of our material or service vendors who provide services for the Track A program. You can search our list of vendors here:

Are there any limitations to my funding?: Yes. Funding is for educational purposes only. This includes materials and services that support your child’s learning. All services from vendors must be included on our approved Vendor List. All materials purchased through Valiant must be “basic in nature.” Services and materials must be approved by your Educational Coach before the Purchase Order is fulfilled. No technology or amusement parks may be ordered in the Track A Summer Program.

This sounds great! How do I sign up?: If you are a current or former student, you will receive an email from Valiant with a link to School Mint for re-enrollment. If you have never been enrolled previously with Valiant, please visit and click on Enrollment and then the Homeschool Enroll Now tab. There will be a place for you to request the name of an educational coach if you would like to do so. Valiant will do our best to accommodate your request, however it is not guaranteed.