Welcome - Valiant Prep

Dear Parents,

Thank you for considering Valiant Prep for your student’s education. We are committed to providing a world-class education that takes into account different learning styles and allows families a voice in the process.  Whether a family is looking for more control of curriculum and learning experiences through our homeschool option, or searching for a complete, flexible, online education or a unique blend of the two, Valiant is here to provide professional support through the process.

Our unique educational approach allows us to customize an education that is unique to each learner and provides a diverse choice in core academic and enrichment. For students who are looking for live instruction in a social environment, our homeschool program offers live academic and enrichment programs taught by teachers dedicated to their success as well as access to one on one tutoring for areas of struggle. Families can choose to work exclusively with live tutors and teachers or combine them with our online approach for a customized, blended system.

For those who are looking for a flexible online approach, we offer our Global Language, Digital and Valiant Prep academies along with the award-winning Pearson curricula. This combination powers the student-centered, flexible learning experience that lies at the heart of Valiant Prep.  All courses are aligned to the State of California’s standards and benchmarks. Students have literally hundreds of classes to choose from, with a strong emphasis on building critical thinking, complex reasoning, and college readiness.

In addition, we will be partnering with various universities and community colleges to provide a wide variety of college courses for high school students. An extensive catalog of online AP and honors classes will also be available to ensure that students have a wide variety of advanced education options available through our system.

By enrolling at Valiant Prep, you are partnering with a team of knowledgeable and experienced educators, ensuring your student can and will thrive. Our highly qualified teachers work with you to monitor student progress, attendance, and content mastery while providing professional insight, instruction, and support. Our administrative and support staff are also committed to the success of your student and are readily available to you.

We know that choosing the right educational setting for your child is an important decision. Our dedicated staff is here to help you determine if this is a best-fit option for your family. On behalf of the entire team at Valiant Prep, we look forward to welcoming you soon to our school community. In the meantime, please feel free to call us to speak to an enrollment specialist and learn more about our dynamic learning community today!


The Valiant Prep Team